Sugarpill Cosmetics Burning Heart Palette Review/Tutorial

Yesterday I quickly posted about my recent Sugarpill order and today I put the customs mishap behind me and tried out this extremely bright palette! :)

I ordered the Burning Heart Palette – a quad of pan eyeshadows by Sugarpill. In the palette they look super bright and pigmented, very exciting as I mostly go for neutrals! The Burning Heart palette is made up of Flamepoint – a gorgeous fiery orange, Buttercupcake – a warm bright yellow, Love+ – a rich crimson red and Poison Plum – a vibrant royal purple. The palette cost $34 (about £21), pretty good going to say that individually the eyeshadows are $12 (about £7) so it’s really great value for money!

Burning Heart Palette

I just snapped this quickly with my iPhone, as you can see the colours really stand out from the black packaging and are highly pigmented. So how do they look on?

Flamepoint: This orange applies really well, the colour is instantly opaque and even. It looks just as it does in the pan, which is brilliant and the formula means it blends really easily. Flamepoint is also a really flattering colour, especially for those of you with blue eyes!

Buttercupcake: I had some trouble with getting this shade just right – it applies pretty light at first and really needs building up. It’s also quite hard to get even compared to the others but when you do, it looks dazzling! It matches the other colours perfectly if you want to create a look with all four.

Love+: This is the only non-vegan eyeshadow in the palette due to it’s red pigment, but this is also what gives Love+ its staying power. It goes on perfect first time, very evenly, resulting in a rich crimson red that looks very flattering with the other colours. You can apply it really heavily to get the red, or apply a small amount and blend it out to get a more pinky colour.

Poison Plum: This colour looks like a really bright purple in the pan and on the brush, but when you apply it, it becomes darker which I really like. It works really well if you use it in the socket, but blending it over Love+ to get a pink tone. I’m definitely going to be using this colour a lot!

At $34 this palette is definitely worth the money, you get four eyeshadows that are of really high quality and easy to blend. If you’re a UK customer you should be aware that you will receive a customs charge that depends on the value of your order. This is on top of shipping costs! I know it’s not Sugarpill’s fault, so don’t let this put you off buying their products, it certainly hasn’t put me off. :)

Here’s the look I created with the Burning Heart Palette – enjoy!

Using Burning Heart Palette

Using Burning Heart Palette

 First I applied Lime Crime Candy Eyed Primer, then used Buttercupcake as a base over the whole lid. Next I used Flamepoint on the outer half of my eyelid, blending out towards the brow bone. Then I accentuated the crease with Love+, again blending out towards the brow bone. At this point I also made sure all the colours were blended together. To finish the eye I used Poison Plum over Love+, layering more in the crease of my eyelid. I then used Poison Plum as eyeliner using an angled brush. For my eyebrows I first applied Poison Plum (sparingly!) and worked over it with Love+.

Full Look Using Sugarpill
Full Look Using Sugarpill

I also used Love+ as blusher, although it’s not shown up too well on the photo!

Thanks for reading!