Shiny New Embryolisse Things At Boots

These arrived in the mail quite a while back but I’ve been waiting until I had a few posts in between my last Embryolisse review before writing about them.

These products are all new in at Boots and I’ve already got two of them down as perfect Christmas gifts for any makeup and skin care addicts you might know.


Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre 50ml Limited Edition* – £15.00

The Lait Creme Concentre is a makeup artist favourite and I love to have this to apply to any dry patches a might have before I put primer on. I’m not sure how long this limited edition Paris packaging is around for, but it would make a lovely gift for someone that you know who already is a fan or is really into their skin care.


IMG_4585Embryolisse Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion 50ml* – £39.00

I decided to give this one to my Mum because let’s face it, a product that’s meant to be anti ageing isn’t best put to the test by a 25 year old. So far, Mum’s been loving it! She’s pretty low maintenance and likes how you can use this as an eye cream as well as on the rest of your face.

She’s also told me that she thinks it does make her skin noticeably more plump and nourished, which is probably down to the hyaluronic acid and alfalfa and lupine extracts.

This is another product I had down as a great Christmas gift. The weighty packaging and little spatula/scoop gives it a luxurious feel (as well as the price tag) and it’s a lovely product to use every day.




Embryolisse Rich Moisturising Repair Cream* – £29.99

I haven’t actually used this one yet, but from a quick test it’s like a lighter version of the Lait Creme Concentre as it shares some ingredients with it. The Rich Moisturising Repair Cream sinks in quicker – I leave the Lait to settle for a few minutes – and leaves less of a dewy finish. I’ll probably end up using this one more when the weather gets colder here.


*Products sent for review by PR. All opinions are my own. Links ARE NOT affiliate links.