Review – Nailed It UK Moctezuma Moments False Nails

I love nail art, absolutely love it – all the intricate designs people do themselves are awesome. Sadly, I suck at nail art. If nail art isn’t your talent either, keep on reading because these falsies might just be what you’re looking for!

Nailed It Moctezuma Moments False Nails 

Nailed It Uk false nails come in various designs that are based on current fashion trends. Each set is hand painted – yes, hand painted, not printed – for a unique finish that you’re not going to get anywhere else. To make them extra hard wearing and long lasting they’ve also got the awesome Seche Vite topcoat on.

Nailed It Moctezuma Moments False Nails

I’ve been obsessed with the aztec nail art that’s been all over the internet this summer so I chose the Moctezuma Moments set. They came in a tiny little bag with a super cute handwritten thank you note, I love those sorts of little finishing touches. I also got the paint on nail glue that was recommended on the site.

Nailed It Moctezuma Moments False Nails

All the sets come with two pairs of thumb nails, and come in either small/regular or medium so you can choose a set to suit you perfectly in size as well as style. I have to admit I did trim mine down a little bit, but this just shows the quality of the nails and the products used to paint them, as none of them chipped at all when I cut them and filed them.

Nailed It Moctezuma Moments False Nails

Here’s what they look like on my nails! I did have my reservations because I’ve not worn false nails since I was 14, but these aren’t your bog standard drugstore false nails – these are hand painted, pure awesome false nails.

They were very easy to apply, although I should have shaped them more before putting them on, they’re very comfy. I’ve been wearing them for two days now and there’s no sign of them coming off or chipping which I’m really impressed with.

Nailed It Moctezuma Moments False Nails

I’ve had so many compliments about them too! The designs are so unique because they’re not printed, unlike other false nails or nails wraps.

If you’re reading this and thinking “why doesn’t she just buy nail wraps?!” – I do not get along with nail wraps, they’re extremely fiddly and peel off almost as soon as you’ve put them on.

Bonus Photo Of Me Looking Sexy With My Nails!

Unlike nail wraps, I would definitely buy these again! They range from £12 – £15 per set, and if you’re not from the UK Nailed It ship worldwide too, so you can have these lovely unique nails where ever you are!

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