Illamasqua Unnatural Nail Varnish Review

This is the other free nail varnish I got when I visited Illamasqua recently. It’s a massive contrast to the other colour, Wink, that I chose and reviewed here. Wink is more of a Spring colour with it being a pastel shade, Unnatural is definitely a Winter colour – it reminds me of mulled wine!

Unlike Wink, you can buy Unnatural individually and it costs £13.50, pretty good for the size of the nail varnish. With this colour, you need to apply quite a few coats, probably three or more to get it opaque and even, but it’s worth it to get the really rich reddy brown when it’s dried. Like the other Illamasqua nail varnishes I’ve got, Unnatural has a really glossy finish when it’s dried which I really like about them.

Illamasqua Unnatural Swatch


Sugarpill Cosmetics Burning Heart Palette Review/Tutorial

Yesterday I quickly posted about my recent Sugarpill order and today I put the customs mishap behind me and tried out this extremely bright palette! :)

I ordered the Burning Heart Palette – a quad of pan eyeshadows by Sugarpill. In the palette they look super bright and pigmented, very exciting as I mostly go for neutrals! The Burning Heart palette is made up of Flamepoint – a gorgeous fiery orange, Buttercupcake – a warm bright yellow, Love+ – a rich crimson red and Poison Plum – a vibrant royal purple. The palette cost $34 (about £21), pretty good going to say that individually the eyeshadows are $12 (about £7) so it’s really great value for money!

Burning Heart Palette


Sugarpill Surprise …

Just a quick post about my recent Sugarpill Cosmetic order!

I finally picked it up today, all the way from the US. I’d been so excited about getting it, but I was surprised in more way than one! It turns out I had to pay a £12.34 customs charge to get my parcel. I’ve never had this problem with other companies so I was a bit shocked that it was so high – just letting you UK readers know about this if you were thinking of buying from the Sugarpill site!

Other than the customs charge, everything else was great. The packaging is super cute and the colours are really bright – I got the Burning Heart Palette. I also received a sample of Goldilux Chromalust Eyeshadow and a cute sticker and card. “Thank you Phoebe” was handwritten on the invoice which is a really nice touch!

I’m going to do a tutorial/review of the palette tomorrow :) here’s a peak at what I recieved!

Thanks for reading!


Illamasqua Wink Nail Varnish Review

Here’s my review of Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Wink! I got this colour free yesterday with the goodies I bought – they have some lovely colours in this offer  so I’d recommend going to an Illamasqua store to have a look. The Wink nail varnish is a delicate lilac colour, similar to an OPI colour I’ve got so I’ll be comparing the two in this review.

These are the products I’m using on my nails for this:

OPI – Rumple’s Wiggin, Illamasqua – Wink, Jessica – Reward Basecoat, Jessica – Brilliance Topcoat


Unexpected Illamasqua Treats!

So I’ve just got back from doing some shopping, for makeup of course, and I got a lovely surprise when I went to get some bits from Illamasqua! I’m not sure if it’s at all stores or concessions but with every 2 items you buy you get a free nail varnish! It’s well worth it as usually nail varnishes are priced at £13.50.

There are 4 or 5 to choose from depending on the stock they’ve got left. I chose Wink (a lovely lilac) and Unnatural (a rich burgundy red). I’ll be reviewing one of them later tonight so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m also going to do a tutorial/review of the medium pencils and skin sketching technique that Illamasqua have developed, which is also tipped to be big for Spring/Summer 2012 – lots of contouring around!

Here’s a little look at what I came away with.


As always, thanks for reading! :) ox.

Lime Crime Lipgloss, Lipstick and Eyeshadow Reviews!

Hello! Today’s post is going to be quite long because I’ve just got my Lime Crime order and it’s got me so excited I had to review it straight away!

I’ve been interested in makeup from America for a while now – there’s so many different colours and products that aren’t available here in the UK! Even some MAC products and lines are only available in the US. It makes me so sad sometimes because the colours seem to be much more out there and eye catching!

Recently some brands have caught my eye, one of these is Lime Crime. So many beauty blogs were saying how great their products were, especially the Eyeshadow Helper and Opaque Lipsticks. Obviously I couldn’t resist, which cash-strapped student doesn’t need more makeup? I got them off a UK based site and was so impressed I treated myself from some goodies off of their US shop to get the full Lime Crime experience!

My Lime Crime Order!