My New Brow Routine

Shock horror I’VE CHANGED HOW I DO MY BROWS. In all honesty I felt like it was time for a change of routine and products. Sometimes my brows would just look way too harsh for my face, especially if I was going for a more natural makeup look or my hair was starting to fade.

I’ve been lazy about finding new products (do you expect any less from me?) then the Armani Beauty team slid in my DMs and my brow game was changed forever.


So before we get going – yes these products were sent to me for free and no I’m not just ass licking for more stuff – I genuinely like these products and I’m hella picky about what I use in my brows. Now that’s out of the way, if you have invisibrows like me and you’re looking for a new way to fluff them up, keep on reading.


These are my naked brows. No product in them or brushed through at all. They’ve come a long way in recent months. I’ve only been plucking them from the underneath and even then I’m usually too lazy to over do it so they’ve had a good couple of months to really grow and get a tiny bit thicker.

After brushing them through I use the Armani High Precision Brow Pencil 3* to quickly fill in most of the shape with light hair like strokes. I love the pencil but the little comb on the end is pretty redundant for me as it doesn’t really get my brow hairs and just removes product instead.

When I’ve filled my brows with the pencil I give them a quick brush through with the spoolie end of the Armani Brow Maestro Brush* so they end up looking like the photo below.

IMG_2075You could leave it at this, and most days I do. If I’m feeling extra I’ll give my brows some more definition towards the outer end with the Armani Eye and Brow Maestro in Copal*. See the slight difference? I’ll do this if I’m wearing a more full on eye look like I am here (I used the Modern Renaissance palette!).


And here is the finished look. I’ve also started using a warmer toned powder to set them as I find doing this makes them a slightly better match for my hair and that they’ll last longer too as my makeup wears during the day.

IMG_2077All these products are available now on and in concessions (I know there’s one in Harvey Nics in Leeds for local readers).

The prices are as follows, keep in mind Armani is a luxe brand and yes it does bother me I like these products so much:

Eye and Brow Maestro* – £28
Precision Eye Pencil* – £25
Eye and Brow Maestro Brush* – £30

I will say you can get brushes that are great quality for less than £30, so I’m not going to say you *need* this one. You don’t, but if you want to treat yourself it is a lovely brow brush and lets you get precise lines.

The pencil was by far my favourite. The texture was hard enough to create a natural look, and the product thin enough to let you create thin, hair like lines with it. I did run out of this in maybe a month and a half? But I used it almost every day.

Now the Eye and Brow Maestro. This has really mixed reviews on the website! For me it works really well and you can use these as a base for an eye look. I still have loads of this left so I’d say you get your £28’s worth.

Have you tried Armani Beauty? How do you fill in your brows?

*Products PR samples for review. All opinions are my own.
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