Lime Crime Chinadoll Fantasy Palette Review!

Yesterday my Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette came in the post and I can’t wait any longer to review it! I know it’s only been a day but I’ve been so excited for it coming and now it’s finally here it’s got me head over heels! Sounds pretty crazy talking about an eyeshadow palette but I dare you not to love everything  about it. :)

Chinadoll Palette And Goodies!

When the trademark purple box arrived yesterday afternoon I knew I was in for a treat! Lime Crime gets me so excited about makeup, their packaging is so fun and their Chinadoll Palette is no exception. I was just expecting the tin palette when I opened the box but I was surprised to find the palette beautifully presented in a gold envelope style box – just as though it had come by unicorn mail!

Chinadoll Palette Packaging

The Chinadoll Palette also came with some little extra goodies – a logo sticker, a Chinadoll Palette promo postcard and a super cute sample of Eyeshadow Helper!

Eyeshadow Helper Sample

The Lime Crime Chinadoll Palette is the first eyeshadow palette by Lime Crime and features five pressed eyeshadows – Fly Dragon Fly, Parasol, Goldfish, Jade-o-Lade and Lotus Noir. The name of each eyeshadow is very in-keeping with the Chinadoll theme! Each pressed eyeshadow is imprinted with the same fish scale design that is on the tin which is a lovely finishing touch.

Fly Dragon Fly

Fly Dragon Fly

This colour is a very warm fiery red, it’s slightly darker than Love+ by Sugarpill, which for me gives it a little bit more wearability because it’s not as in your face. It would look great as a base colour with Dragon Scales Magic Dust and contrasts beautifully with blue or green eyes. Fly Dragon Fly is also a great companion for Goldfish – the vibrant gold in the Chinadoll Palette.

Fly Dragon Fly Swatch – L: With Primer R: Without

It’s very easy to apply and is very opaque, especially over Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper.



Not usually a colour I would go for, this is a dreamy sky blue eyeshadow. It would work great as a colour to blend out Jade-o-Lade with. When applied over Eyeshadow Helper it’s surprisingly bright.

Parasol Swatch – L: With Primer R: Without

Parasol isn’t necessarily my favourite of the Chinadoll Palette, but it’s definitely growing on me as a colour to experiment with. Probably more of a colour I will use in the summer when I have more of a tan! :)



Goldfish satisfies my love for gold eyeshadows. It’s absolutely gorgeous! In some of the photos it just looks like a bright yellow but it is in fact the brightest gold eyeshadow I’ve ever had! With or without Eyeshadow Helper it’s very vibrant and has great pay-off with a subtle metallic finish.

Goldfish Swatch – L: With Primer R: Without

This is my absolute favourite from the Chinadoll Palette, I’ve never seen a pressed eyeshadow quite like it! It blends perfectly with the other eyeshadows especially Jade-o-Lade, and looks great in contrast to black eyeshadows.



This colour is one of my surprise favourites. In the pan and in the promo photos it looks like a matte green but when applied it has more of a blue/turquoise tone.

Jade-o-Lade Swatch – L: With Primer R: Without

It’s a very strong colour, and you don’t need much to get a very even and opaque colour. Jade-o-Lade is very easy to blend and fits in perfectly with the other eyeshadows in the palette.

Lotus Noir

Lotus Noir

What can I say about Lotus Noir? It’s a perfect dupe for MAC’s Carbon, although Lotus Noir does have the upper hand for me as it’s a bit darker and even when it’s applied – you certainly don’t need much if you just want to add some depth to a look.

Lotus Noir Swatch – L: With Primer R: Without

The Chinadoll Palette definitely needs this colour, as the others are so bright and out there, the matte black of Lotus Noir gives you a tool to darken and add depth to the other colours.

I absolutely love the Chinadoll Palette, although I think I also need to point out some of its pitfalls – no matter how much I’m in love with it, I need to give an honest review!

You certainly need a good primer underneath the colours to get them to work to their fullest, as you can see from the swatches. It’s a bit annoying if you don’t usually use one, but for me it’s no problem as I use a primer all the time because I have oily skin.

Also, I’m not sure if this is true, but the sample primer seems to be different to the full size Eyeshadow Helper I ordered a while ago. This may just be how I found the primer to work, but for me it wasn’t the same and didn’t work as well as the Eyeshadow Helper I have from Lime Crime at home!

Finally, and I think a few other bloggers have picked up on this, the palette inside the tin is a little tacky. I love the tin on the outside – the design is lovely and I love how it matches the imprint on the shadows – but the plastic palette the eyeshadows are set in really doesn’t do it for me!

This is the first ever palette from Lime Crime, so I understand it might not be the same finish as, for example, the Naked 2 by Urban Decay. They’re still an indie company and this palette is bound to have some little issues.

The three things I’ve listed above are really minor issues for me, they really don’t stop the love I have for this palette and the colours in it! :)

Here’s a look with my three favourites – Jade-o-Lade, Goldfish and Lotus Noir. :)

Thanks for reading!