Korean Skincare From TK Maxx

I was in TK Maxx the other day hunting down some bargain St. Tropez (it’s that time of year when I want to be tan, but British weather it too shite to permit any tanning) when I came across a whole load of Korean skincare.

Have I been ripped off? Possibly. I didn’t think to check the prices online and they seemed pretty reasonable, and I would have had to pay shipping from Amazon/iHerb anyway so I picked up a few bits that caught my eye.


Even though I was kindly sent the new Pure Clay Cleansers by L’Oreal (more on those in another post) I COULD NOT RESIST this Etude House Baking Powder foaming cleanser. Basically I chose it because I liked the design on the tube, and baking powder in cleanser? Dafuq? But I figured it could help lighten some scarring I have along my jawline.


I’ve been using this a week and every time my skin is left super squeaky clean. I only tend to use it at night to make sure any oil cleanser and makeup residue are off my skin ready for the treatments I use overnight. It’s not too heavily scented but the subtle scent that is there is nice and fresh.

If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this as it did give me a small dry patch when I was using it twice a day.

This was £9.99 in TK Maxx, and is £14.49 on Amazon. Note that the packaging is different, probably the reason this one was in TK Maxx.



The next two I picked up just for fun. To deep cleanse I usually leave Lush’s Angels On Bare Skin scrub on my face for a few minutes, but seeing as though I’d run out of my usual mask option, I grabbed these Tonymoly Sheet Masks.

I can only speak for the seaweed on so far. The eye and mouth holes didn’t really suit my face too well, and due to the fact the sheet mask had a load of serum on it – a plus but also a minus in this case – I did need to readjust it quite a few times to stop it slipping off my face.

I’m looking forward to trying the other mask though. The seaweed mask did leave my skin feeling super fresh and glowy, and there wasn’t an overwhelming scent to make wearing it for 20-30 minutes a total chore. There was also a noticeable reduction of redness around some particularly angry breakouts I was having on my cheeks.

These were £1.99 each at TK Maxx, so I think maybe I payed a bit more than I should? You can usually find these in sets of 10 or 11 for about £12.60 on Amazon.

Have you tried any Korean skincare brands? What do you think to sheet masks?