Illamasqua SOPHIE-I Tutorial

When I went to Illamasqua the other day, the assistant popped a card in with my stuff. Usually I don’t even look at them, because most of the time it’s something I don’t need/want. But she told me this was a tutorial for an eye look so I thought I’d give it a try.

Sophie I Promo (from

Now there’s a bit of a story behind the SOPHIE-I. Illamasqua support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation – a charity that was founded to stamp out intolerance and discrimination, and change preconceptions that surround subcultures. Illamasqua is all about expressing yourself and daring to be different, so I think supporting this charity fits right into this.

The SOPHIE-I technique creates a very bold, smokey eye look and allows you to explore creating depth and definition by sculpting your eye. I followed the instructions in the little card, but in this tutorial I’ve added some little extras that I needed to do to finish it off properly.

First off apply primer all over the lid up to the brow, this is important because you’ll be applying product on this area. Then to start with contouring, sketch along the crease – just above is best, with a black kohl pencil. Blend this out with a fluffy brush. Next apply a neutral eyeshadow to the lid and under the brow. This’ll act as a highlight as the rest of the look is pretty dark. For this I used Too Faced Eyeshadow in Sweet Cream (below).

Top Left: Sweet Cream Eyeshadow (image from

After doing this, redefine the black kohl you applied with charcoal black eyeshadow. I found it helpful to first map out the colour, then carefully apply it in layers to get the look and shape just right. As an extra, use a black liquid eyeliner to line the crease, outer ‘V’ and lash lines to make this look really striking. I feathered this into the eyeshadow to give it a more blended look.

Complete the look with some bold brows and fabulous false eyelashes! This look is all about being bold and daring so try out whatever you feel like. :)

Finished look with false lashes!

Finished look with false lashes!


Don’t be put off by how perfect it looks on the photos Illamasqua have on their site, even in the official Illamasqua tutorial for the look, it doesn’t look like the photos which is expected! I found the instructions really easy to follow, adding your own bits comes easy because you know what looks right and what doesn’t. To do this tutorial it took me three attempts to get it just right – practice makes perfect! You could also add other colours into the mix to make this look even bolder! It would looks great with dazzling gold instead of the neutral shadow.

Full Look! :)

Complete Finished Look with Lashes

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base 07, MAC Powder Blush in Peachykeen, The Body Shop Bronzer 01

Eyes: Illamasqua Medium Pencil in SOPHIE, MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon, Too Faced Eyeshadow in Sweet Cream, Illamaqua Sealing Gel with Illamasqua Eyeliner Cake in Mislead, Illamasqua Masquara in Raven

Lips: Boots Natural Collection Jelly Lipgloss

Find out more about The Sophie Lancaster Foundation here -

And here’s the Illamasqua tutorial including a video! –

Hope you enjoyed this look, thanks for reading!