How To Use Glow Highlight Powder

Okay, so you might be thinking Phee, what the hell, like I don’t know how to use a highlighter?! I’m not saying this is how you have to use Glow Highlight Powder, or any other highlighter you’ve got for that matter, but I’m hoping that maybe you’ll find out something new in this post, even if it’s something that you might not think is that important.

glow highlight how to

First up – my weapon of choice for highlighter. I love, love, love the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush (pictured in action above). It’s just the right size to apply product where you want it and is cut in a way that blends out the product as you’re applying it too.

My second, more affordable choice is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This one is less dense than the Illamasqua brush so you get a more natural finish.

1. Under your foundation

After moisturising and priming your skin, buff Glow Highlight Powder where you’d usually highlight – on the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, down the centre of the nose and cupids bow.

So here’s me with no product, just primer.

glow highlight how to

Now with Glow. If my skin was in better condition, I’d leave it like this because it looks SO PRETTY.

glow highlight how to

Aaand finally foundation over the top! This is definitely the most subtle way I’ve found to use highlighters, especially if you powder on top where you need it.

glow highlight how to

2. Over foundation

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Once you’ve set your makeup, you can apply highlighter over the powder to stop your skin looking too matte. I like to apply highlight when I’ve contoured and bronzed my face, before blusher. If you layer blushers over Glow, some of the shimmer still shows through, giving matte blushers a whole new look.

glow highlight how to

glow highlight how to

You can make your highlight as subtle or as intense as you like. Here, because I’d already got Glow under my foundation, I toned it down a bit to show you that you don’t have to go for the extreme dewy look that I sometimes go for.

3. Use it wet. 

You can also apply Glow Highlight Powder wet – either with water, setting spray or a mixing medium – to get a super intense finish. This is where you could use it as an eyeshadow, as I’ve found applying it wet gives it a foiled finish.

about-glow-highlight-powder-14I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something new!

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