How to make your own Christmas hamper.

There’s always one person at Christmas that’s really hard to buy for. You spend hours wracking your brain about what to get them, but you’re still running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve with nothing to wrap.

So why not make them a hamper? Set a budget, pick a few of their favourite things and wrap it up all professional.

To make your hamper you will need:

– tissue paper (sheets, that shredded stuff, whichever takes your fancy)
– cellophane
– scissors
– tape
– bow
– ribbon
– gift tag

Step 1 – gather everything you’ll need for your hamper (I’m guilty of starting something, realising I’ve not got all the things I need, then it all goes to pot.)


Step 2 – Use your tissue paper to create a slope for your products to sit on and look all fancy.


Step 3 – Arrange your products!



Step 4 – In hindsight I should have done this, use double sided tape to stick your products together so they don’t jiggle about.


Step 5 – Wrap your hamper in the cellophane.


Step 6 – Add your ribbon, bow and gift tag and you’re done!



As you can see, the double sided tape trick would’ve stopped some of the products rolling around.

You can also check out this video by Boots for more ideas on how to decorate and arrange your hamper:

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s something a bit different! :)

A massive thank you to Boots for providing the products for this post.