IT Cosmetics In The UK

IT Cosmetics seems to be one of those brands that I’ve heard loads about – especially on Youtube – but have never decided to buy from. Mainly because I didn’t know where to get it from unless I ordered it from the US and I am too lazy to pay customs and shipping to buy base products I can buy from other brands.

Well, I can’t use that excuse any longer as IT Cosmetics have just launched their UK website.

To celebrate, they’re offering 10% off deluxe samples like the ones below and free delivery when you sign up to the newsletter.


I’m going to write about these because you do get enough product in the deluxe samples to make your mind up on something. BUT as a first impression, I really enjoy the Bye Bye Undereye and the CC+. The finish of both of these product is lovely and my skin looks amazing in them. Keep an eye out for a more in depth post about these two!

NEW Luxe Glow Highlighter Pre Order

You’ve all be loving Glo Up so much, I couldn’t resist putting these on pre order now they’re completely finished and tested!

The LUXE Glow Highlighters are made with a completely new type of reflect pigment to Phee’s Makeup Shop. It’s much more intense than the pigment that is in the original formulas so it gives you a wet look.

– Pre Order will begin on FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 
– To be notified as soon as pre order goes live, you must be signed up to the mailing list
– All THREE new shades will be available to pre order …
– The other TWO shades will be revealed on my instagram this week!

In case you haven’t seen, or need a reminder, here’s what Glo Up looks like:





New On Phee’s Makeup Shop: 37mm Compacts!

I’ve been waiting to bring these 37mm compacts out for so long, but to buy them in the quantities I needed I’ve have to get saving. You see the thing is, Phee’s Makeup Shop is completely my thing – I want to build it with my own money.

A lot is going into product development and I’m excited to for you see what’s coming!

So these new compacts fit the 37mm pans in them. So far I’ve put in the most popular highlighter shades – that are some of my favourites too – and the original Neutral Trio of eyeshadows. Each compact has a mirror inside and is really sturdy so it’ll withstand some travelling or if you want to pop it in your bag to take out with you.

The Neutral Eyeshadow Trio – £25

It’s back! Now I’ve got the compacts some product trios will be making a comeback. I still love these shadows as much as the day I first pressed them.

Peppered is a beautiful taupe that you can brush over the lid for a subtle shimmer or press on for an intense foiled finish. Sphinx has a matte base, but still has a lot of shimmer to it so you get a vibrant copper that’s easy to blend out, and finally there’s Polilla. This shade is the a great dupe for MAC Blue Brown and Illamasqua Fervent loose pigments.



Eyeshadow singles – £10 each










Highlighter trio – £25

These three highlighters are my favourites to use alone or use them all at once. You guys love them too, so I put this trio together.

The Original is the first highlighter shade I ever made and is a champagne shimmer. Luna is a white gold that is beautiful on loads of skin tones because it’s more neutral and Bellini is a peachy highlight with a gold reflect.



Highlighter singles – £10 each




the original






Mini Rainbow Highlighter – £11.50

Of course this one had to come in compact form! I also can’t stress enough this is a MINIATURE version of the 59mm Rainbow Highlighter. It’s mini, it’s 37mm, it’s small.



A Quick Post About Makeup Shaming

I’ve been debating about whether to give this any space on the blog at all, but I feel like some of this needs to be said and I need to get it off my chest. It’s not just something I’ve experienced, but anyone who posts their makeup looks online, no matter what size their audience is experiences to some degree or another.

I’m talking about picking apart other people’s makeup. Not thinking about any context to the look, how long they’ve been doing their makeup, what the end product was that they had in mind, anything. Instead they just repost it, or comment to try and bring someone down. Nothing someone could use to build upon, just rude, small minded comments.

It’s not cool. It’s childish and it’s fucking mean.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 18.22.48

Instead of replying or commenting to give them the satisfaction, just remember why you created the look and how badass or cute you felt wearing it. Tell someone else who you admire how awesome their makeup looks, how they’ve inspired you.

Most importantly remember that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self love and being proud of your work. Fuck anyone who doesn’t get it, not everyone has the same taste, not everyone will like what you do. And that’s fine too.

You do you and what makes you happy.

Makeup bag: Elsie & Nell
Highlighters: Phee’s Makeup Shop
Brush: Real Techniques

Illamasqua Vegan Products: Complete List

As some of you may know, Illamasqua recently became PETA accredited as cruelty free and are hosting a number of events at their counters and stand alone stalls to celebrate. Finding vegan makeup products can be difficult, especially with blushers and lipsticks that often contain animal derived pigments for reds and pinks.

Last Wednesday Illamasqua Meadowhall hosted a lovely event demonstrating the different looks you can create using Illamasqua’s vegan products and gave us the full list. Here is that list, including links to each product for you. Enjoy! :)

I’ve put some of my favourites and the shades that I use in particular products to help you as this is a long list, and it might be a little overwhelming. Some product variations I couldn’t find on the website, however some counters, stores and stockists may still have them in stock.

Hydra Veil


Coming Soon – Rainbow Highlight Powders!

You may or may not have seen the Buzzfeed article on those rainbow highlighters this week. In case you were wondering, I was going to release my own this summer on Phee’s Makeup Shop, but because if this article I’m going to be releasing them early.

NEXT WEEKEND ONLY you will be able to buy the Rainbow Highlight Powder from Phee’s Makeup Shop for £11. There will only be a limited number around during that weekend, then after that I won’t be releasing any more until August.

You can sign up to the mailing list to be notified when the Rainbow Highlighters go on sale.

Edit: I lied, these will be on Phee’s Makeup Shop and Phee’s Makeup Shop Etsy. :)