Sugarpill Pretty Poison Lipsticks

I was on the fence about buying these when Sugarpill announced them. I told myself “You don’t need more lipstick”. But I want more lipstick, and when these went up on Cocktail Cosmetics I didn’t hesitate.

Lipstick buying ban lasted all of 1 hour by the way.


In classic Sugarpill style, the Pretty Poison Lipstick packaging is ADORABLE. The boxes are matte pink with gloss/glitter detail on the sides. The box also tells you a bit about the lipsticks.


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

I love a good matte, nude eyeshadow palette. Every colourful look needs different nude tones to create depth and help colourful eyeshadows blend much more easily. So you can imagine my excitement when this beauty from Urban Decay turned up at my door.

img_6609That rusty shade has my name all over it!

So the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette has a good range of lighter matte shades, darker ones and a variety of cool and warm tones that you can use to create so many different looks. You could create a natural sculpted look with the cool mid tones or you could go all out and create a smokey eye with that lovely rust colour to warm the crease.


img_6620As well as being beautiful on the outside, the shadows inside are great quality. They’re super soft, easy to blend and highly pigmented. The double ended brush is also really handy with a firm small blending brush on one end and a small smudger brush on the other.


My only problem with this is that Blow, Nudie and Commando are all a bit too similar. But Extra Bitter and Lethal do enough to make up for it.

The only photo I have of eye looks that I’ve done with the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is from the zombie contour look, you get the idea though. (The highlight in this look is Gloaming by the way!)

img_6655This palette has barely left my side since I received it and I’ve used pretty much every shade. It’s so useful to have that variety of matte shades to hand! My Mum also loves it and whenever I’m off out she always makes sure I leave it on the dressing table for her.

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is available now for £38.50.

Georgio Armani Lip Magnets

Who’s up for some luxury liquid lipsticks? Ever since brands started catching on to this trend I’ve been hooked. Liquid lipsticks mean you can wear your favourite bright lipstick shade, without the worry of any smudging or fading the minute you put them on. When the team at Armani Beauty asked if I’d like to give their new Lip Magnets a try, I couldn’t resist.


I’ll be honest – these are the first Armani Beauty products I have ever tried. I always look at the pretty things on the counter whenever I’m in Leeds or Manchester, but I always convince myself I don’t really need another nude lipstick. I have heard nothing but good things about them, and was sat waiting for the post man to deliver these.


Can we just … LOOK AT THEM! The tubes are more like the side of traditional lipstick packaging instead of being long, more like a lipgloss tube. There are 18 shades in total – I’m assuming there are more nudes than I have here – including a a whole bunch of reds to suit your skin tone or red preference.


The shade on the left – 601 – looks more of a purple/grey but when it’s on, it’s a beautiful plum shade. The reds all look very similar on camera, but there’s a gorgeous blue toned red and an earthy red that’s perfect for Autumn/Winter.


Now these applicators give me LIFE. They’re spongey like a traditional doe foot, but also have a little well in them that holds just the right amount of product for one layer. The shape of them means you can get a good clean edge without liner – perfect if you’re into over drawing your lips like I am.


So I managed to miss one of the reds off? But you get a good idea of the shade range with these swatches.

The Lip Magnets are unlike any liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. The formula is a combination of the Maestro Fusion Makeup – which is known for feeling ultra light – and the Lip Maestro formula. These swatches are just one swipe, and when the formula dries, the colours become even more intense.

From what I understand, the pigment is in oil, which is then suspended in water. When it’s applied the water evaporates leaving just the pigment behind. This explains why it gets more intense, because the water that’s diluting the formula leaves your lips. This is also why it’s best to apply another coat when the first has dried to get the best colour possible.

I’ve used a few of these in my Halloween looks. They wear so well – they dry completely matte and wear off pretty evenly to leave a stain until you either top up the colour or decide to remove them.

Here’s 403:


And 601 (this is probably my favourite so far, perfect shade going into Autumn!):


The Lip Magnets are available now for £27 each, and are available at Selfridges and online.

These have impressed me so much I’ve got no problem recommending them. Things that you’d expect for your 27 quid – like the precision wand, the lovely packaging, the beautiful formula that’s like no other – are all there.

If you want to treat someone special (or yourself, because it’s got to be done sometimes) pop in to your nearest Selfridges concession and give these a try. The reds are perfect for party season, and I’m already planning a look to use that pink (500) in because for some reason a bright candy pink is calling to me right now.