Base On A Budget: GOSH Foundations

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages as I’ve been using all 3 of these foundations a lot recently. Chances are if you’ve seen one of my latest face of the day posts, I’m wearing one of these as a base.


What am I on about? The GOSH Foundation range. I stumbled on them by accident in Superdrug when I was looking for a cruelty free alternative to the L’Oreal True Match I loved so much. GOSH were one of the only ranges that I found with a pale enough yellow toned shade.


First Impression: Kat Von D Thunderstruck Eyeshadow

I couldn’t resist this when I was on Debenhams repurchasing the Tattoo Liner. I’m still ill so I haven’t used it in a look yet, but here’s a little first impression.

The packaging is nice – you can the shade inside so you’re not guessing or turning over all your compacts to find the right shade. The powder is lovely and soft to apply BUT after seeing all the hype on this I did expect it to be much shinier and reflective. I’ll probably make the most of this as a brow highlight as I prefer that to be less intense.

What do you think? Have you tried Thunderstruck? Would you like comparisons to other highlighters like my own and MAC Vanilla pigment?






The #UnicornHighlighter

Sometimes I think to myself I’m playing it too safe, I’m being too fucking boring with Phee’s Makeup Shop.

The Luxe Highlighters are so much more majestic and fabulous that they deserve to be called something much more epic. And so the Unicorn Highlighter was born.


I want Phee’s Makeup Shop to be better than it is right now – more FUN – because at the minute I feel like it’s a bit, bare. All the looks you create with the products are so amazing and so varied that I want the website to reflect all the different things you can do with the products on there.

So I’m ending 2016 and starting 2017 as I mean to go on. Majestic and fabulous as fuck. Have a wonderful and SAFE (Mum in me is coming out) New Year!

If you wanna bathe yourself in Unicorn Highlighter it’s available right now for £20 or if it’s your first order you can get 25% off making it £15

Current Skincare Routine

My skin is far from perfect, but this new range of products that I’ve been using has really improved the texture and tone of my skin more than anything. I still get blemishes (hormonal and when I eat too much sugar) but I’m loving how my skin looks overall more than ever.


Even though I don’t have a photo of it as I don’t have it on me, to take off my makeup I use the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm. You only need the tiniest amount to melt off all your makeup and it smells gorgeous. Whenever I don’t have it to hand I’ll use Coconut Oil to do the same job.

Use a damp flannel to take everything off and you’re good to go with your cleanser.


Urban Decay #UDFORWOMEN Enigma Primer Potion

This was a welcome one through my letterbox! I was running low on my original Primer Potion and was about to pick up another.

Enigma Primer Potion is a product with a difference though. Enigma is part of Urban Decay’s Ultra Violet Edge initiative with proceeds from each Enigma Primer Potion going to Crisis, a charity which helps homeless people across the UK.

For each Enigma Primer Potion bought and the money Urban Decay donates, Crisis will be able to provide one person with:
– A warm welcome and company
– Three nutritious hot meals including a Christmas Dinner
– A chance to shower and get clean clothes
– Advice on housing and employment
– Expert help with mental health and addiction problems
– (Probably the most important) An introduction to Crisis’ year-round services for training and support for the future



As this was sent to me, Urban Decay have kindly made the donation on my behalf. So thank you so much Urban Decay for doing so, and for raising awareness of such an important cause.

I think if you head to any city centre you can see how homelessness is an issue, and the most difficult part for charities is to establish that initial contact with someone. Crisis at Christmas helps to do that.

I’ll definitely be buying a back up of Enigma as I love the shade and would love to provide an extra donation.

If you’d like to support the Ultraviolet Initiative and Crisis at Christmas, Enigma is available in Urban Decay freestanding stores and online.

Lit Cosmetics Black Friday Haul

My Lit haul came in! Get ready for ALL THE GLITTER IN ALL THE LOOKS.

I love Lit Cosmetics glitters. Each shade comes in a range of sizes so you can create different textures and their glitter adhesive is the best. The only thing I would change about this haul is to get everything in sizes 2 or 3.

Size 1 is super duper fine and sometimes the different reflects in the glitters don’t show as well as in a larger size.

Ella (Size 2)


California Soul (Size 1)


Vixen (Size 1)


I Feel Love (Size 1)