Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops

Here’s a brand I don’t talk about often even though I’ve loved their products for years. I remember I bought my first bright pink lipstick from Barry M. I wore that shade to death.

I don’t actually have many products from them, but I keep an eye on their new launches. Some of their most recent ones have really caught my eye, including these¬†Liquid Chrome Highlighters.


They’re very easy to use and are beautiful mixed into your foundation, worn underneath or applied on top. You’ve just got to be careful you don’t apply too much at once otherwise they can be difficult to blend.


Beam Me Up (the gold) is my favourite so far, it’s such an easy shade to include in a makeup look. I haven’t created anything where I’d use Moon Beam yet, but you can tell it’s going to give you a really pretty other worldly glow.



The only thing that annoys me about these is that the product does collect around the top of the bottle, pretty much no matter what you do. For ¬£6.99 I’m prepared to overlook that as the liquid highlighter itself is a lovely product.

I’ve never tried them, but I’m guessing these Liquid Chrome Highlighters are a good dupe for the Cover FX Drops. If you’re new to liquid highlighters maybe give these a try before investing in something pricier for you makeup bag.