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Smokey Wings

I love winged eyeliner – I doubt I’ll ever stop wearing it no matter how my style changes or how old I am – but sometimes I just want it to be a little messier and grungy. When I want a less precise wing, I put down the liner and get to work with a stiff angle brush and a black eyeshadow.

To neaten things up and deepen the colour to the lashes spray a little setting spray on to your brush before going back in to the shadow. Pop on your lashes and there you have your kinda messy winged eyeliner.




Unless you want to do some simple winged eyeliner, the tip on the Kat Von D Liquid Ink Liners is awful. It drags, it doesn’t let the product out evenly along the brush, I just can’t with it. So that’s why this looks a bit iffy along the crease. It is definitely not down to the fact that I’m a little out of practice.

Despite that, I really liked how this look turned out. If I was going to do it again I’d use the same liner on a smaller brush and clean up the edges with remover or concealer.



Instagram Made Me Buy It: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

It’s not often I buy products because I see then doing the rounds on Instagram. I was pretty resistant to buy anything from Glossier at first because there was so much hype around them – see the ridiculous accounts of people’s experiences in the New York store – but I caved when my skin care obsession got the better of me.

Adding yet more steps to my routine, I’d been on the look out  for a makeup remover for a while when I found the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser in their Black Friday sale. Free postage and a discount code? Why the fuck not.



Winter Skin Favourites

If you’ve got oily skin, you might be reluctant to use oils and super moisturising products, even when it’s freezing outside and you can feel the cold biting at your cheeks. It’s a habit I’m guilty of, despite telling others to slather on the facial oils to sink in before my foundation.

Even oilier skin needs that extra TLC, and when I do get round to it I can see a difference almost straight away. Here are my current favourite skin care products that keep my skin nourished without making me look like a greaseball.