A Kat Von D Beauty Haul

Kat Von D Beauty recently launched on Debenhams here in the UK and of course, we lost our minds a bit. No more paying stupid shipping and customs costs, or waiting until you or one of your family members goes on holiday to the US to give them a shopping list. It’s here and you can get it click and collect to pick up the next day.

So here’s what I bought and a quick first impression of it all.


Before anything else, huge thank you to Debenhams customer service who rang me up to let me know the product codes were mixed up online, and that they shipped me the correct lipstick and that I could keep the one that was the wrong shade. Definitely won me over there!

My original order was for the Tattoo Liner in Trooper and Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Outlaw and Beloved. I was sent LUV by mistake with my first order. You also get a mini Tattoo Liner in the sample box.

Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – £16 each

I was really surprised by how reasonable the prices were for all the products – especially these liquid lipsticks. There is a good range of colours on the site, although some haven’t come over with the UK launch yet. I’d also recommend looking up reviews and swatches of the ones you’re interested in to get a good idea of the colour.

The packaging is so lovely and detailed. I believe that the designs are actually done by Kat herself too? Either way, they’re a really nice touch. The wand took some getting used to as it’s reaaaaally long, but the doe foot and the formula allow you to create a really precise lip line without the need for a liner.

These liquid lipsticks don’t bleed, they layer really well without bunching or crumbling off and the way they fade is pretty even too so you can go a few hours without needing to touch up. The also dry down completely matte without any stickiness and when they’re dry, they feel light on your lips and don’t transfer at all. Definitely worth the £16!





Tattoo Liner in Trooper – £16

The last time I used a liner like this it ended in disaster. I was worried this would be the same with the swatch I’ve got of it, but luckily that was just because I was impatient and didn’t let the liner saturate the brush fully.

This eyeliner has a proper brush tip rather than a felt tip, so you can get a really precise, fine line with it. It’s super black so it doesn’t need to be layered. If you like a matte liner, this one might not be for you, as it does have a shiny finish.

Once it’s on and dry, it lasts all day without cracking or dropping down.