August Favourites 2014

Is it too late now for August favourites? Hmm, well if you’re reading this I decided to break the rules and post this anyway! I thought I’d get in the habit of writing these posts, because I know I’ve found some great products through posts and videos like these and a lot of people find them useful. So if you’d like to know what I’ve been loving throughout August, keep on reading.

August Favourite

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Must Have Lush Products

I’ve bought these products over and over, but never really posted about any of them. So, without further ado, here are my must have Lush products that I use every day!
Lush Must Haves

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Illamasqua Once Collection

I feel like I’m on a real roll with my blog at the minute. After meeting so many people who are passionate about makeup and blogging in the past couple of days, I’ve just been really inspired to get my blog on and write about what I love. What I love being makeup! If I manage to get this up in the same day as my previous post, it’ll be a first. Two posts in one day, who am I?!

Illamasqua once collection

So anyway, this post is going to be on Illamasqua’s autumn collection which launches next week in stores and online. This is photo heavy so you get a really good idea of what each product looks like. It’s also so you can go through the little journey of opening up with box like I did. Believe it or not but I managed to hold on until yesterday to really look through it, and I wanted to show you how beautifully wrapped up they were.

No showing off intended, I just really wanted to share all of this with you. I’m so, so, so grateful that you all read Phee’s Makeup Tips so I get opportunities like this! :-)

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New Products from Lush

Might be a just a little bit late – okay very late – on this post. I’ve been meaning to do a post on our Lush Leeds Spa goodie bags ever since the event, but my inability to prioritise means that it’s had to wait until now.

Lush New ProductsWe were given four new products including one from Lush’s new sunscreen range. I haven’t had chance to try them all yet – especially not the sunscreen in the last week! – but first impressions are always helpful.

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Afternoon Tea with Illamasqua

Okay, so I wrote this post while I was sat in St. Pancras waiting for my train. I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to go through and change all the time references so it’s kinda become a diary entry. Enjoy!

This time last year I would never have imagined that I’d be typing up this post. Ever. Today has been such a crazy and amazing day, so first of all I want to thank everyone (Heidi, Nicola & Sarah!) who helped make it happen.


Getting up at 6am wasn’t a struggle knowing that I was off to Illamasqua HQ. Like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to be out the door and on the train to London. I wish I could tell you more about that part, but you’ll have to wait ’til October - hint, hint - to see what we got up to!

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Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Black Cat & Purple Poison

Carrying on from my last post, I’ve got some more awesome lip products to show you guys today. I’ve seen Pretty Zombie Cosmetics lip liquids on Instagram for a while now, but so far they’ve only been available in the US. But thanks to Cute Cosmetics I’ve finally been able to get my hands on some!

Pretty Zombie Lip Liquid

I wanted to see how they compared to my other liquid lipsticks and if they delivered on pigmentation without being too heavy. Did Pretty Zombie Cosmetics live up to the hype?

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