Winter Warmers

Lush are usually all about bath time. It’s alright if you’ve got a bath or the time spare to take one, but they’re not everyone’s favourite, so I’ve come up with three awesome warming shower time combinations to satisfy pretty much all tastes. Some of these products are firm favourites all year round – like Ro’s Argan Shower Conditioner – and they’re even more suited to winter months and cold weather.

Snowman Shower Jelly & Reindeer Rock

Snowman and Reindeer Rock are fruity enough on their own, but when they’re used together they fill your bathroom with a spicy but fresh, rich yet not too heavy fruity aroma.

They share some ingredients – such as Bergamot Oil – as well as a variety of extracts from different fruits so the scents mix together like a dream. The Casis Absolute – reminds me of Cassis in some champers! – in Reindeer Rock and the Sicilian Lemon Oil in Snowman are warming and uplifting, so they’re perfect for those cold mornings when you’d rather be tucked up in bed.

Both products are pretty pleasing on the eye – as are most Lush products! – and would make great stocking fillers or a little treat for yourself after all that Christmas shopping.

Reindeer Rock is £3.10/100g and Snowman is £3.50/100g.

Lush Winter Warmers

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Trish McEvoy x Liberty

This is going to be a review that isn’t really a review, more of a oh my days look at this kind of post. I’d been looking at the original Makeup Planners for a while, but they were a bit too plain, like those clear makeup bags you can get as carry ons. Then Kat from Tales of a Pale Face tweeted this one, and it was love at first sight. 

Trish McEvoy Libertylove Liberty. When I people tell me about their trips to London, they’re all about Harrods or Selfridges, but for me it’s really all about Liberty. It’s quirky and British but also stocks all the luxury brands you’ll ever need. Liberty are famous for their prints, and Trish McEvoy for the makeup planner, but do the two make a winning combination?

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House of Glamdolls Lashes

If you’re reading this, all my preparation for me week off wasn’t in vain and my scheduled posts are going out as planned! That may just be a first …

Today’s post is about something I never really talk about – false lashes. I don’t wear lashes much. I either don’t have time to put them on when I’m getting ready or in the end I just don’t think the look I’m wearing needs them. But I do love false lashes, and in recent months have built up a false lash stash.

glamdolls lashes

The lashes I’m on about today I’m very excited about. They’re by House of Glamdolls, and are quickly becoming a staple in my makeup bag.

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The Mane Attraction

How long did it take you to come up with that title Phee? Umm … One whole week. It’s taken me so long to think of a title worthy of this post that the new Lush shampoo bars have now been around for more than a week, but it’s also given me a decent amount of time to try them out.

Lush Shampoo BarsI’ve used Lush shampoo bars before when I’ve been travelling, and they’ve faired pretty well despite getting into a tangle with the tin. How do the new additions to the range compare to old favourites?

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Video: Techopagan

Something a bit different – finally using Technopagan in a tutorial! This is similar to the makeup I wore a couple of weeks back, but with a little more colour thrown in on the eyes. Click read more to see close ups of the eye look.

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Video: Cheryl Halloween X Factor Makeup

I’m not 100% happy with this video, but seeing as though I’ve been MIA on YouTube for a couple of weeks I thought I’d do a double upload this week! My camera wasn’t loving the black and white split background or the pattern wallpaper, so I apologise for the iffy focus and colour in some parts.

This look is perfect for pretty much any eye colour, but will really accentuate green eyes as the purple will really contrast with them. If you wanted to you cold pair this with a nude lip for a slightly more subtle look.

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