3(ish) Days in London

I’ve visited London quite a lot in the last couple of years – especially since I’ve started blogging – but I’ve never made use of the trip for my blog. I guess I thought there were enough bloggers actually in London who know the city way better than I do letting people know where’s good to eat and shop.


This post is going to be another first for me, in that I’m going to be doing outfits along with the makeup I wore each day. Eep. So If you’d like to know what I got up to during my 3(ish) days in London, please keep reading.


50 Shades of Green

Today it’s been really grey here in Sheffield, and I’ve been stuck in the house all day because the snow meant I couldn’t get to work. Some people love the snow – I’m usually one of them – but today it just seemed all grey and dull and just an inconvenience. So I stopped these bad vibes the only way I knew how – by getting out the makeup.

I was inspired by the House of Glamdolls Doll of the Day. If you don’t follow Glamdolls, you should. The greens reminded me of Spring – all that fresh, new feel you get when the leaves are coming back and everything looks a whole lot healthier.

All the products I’ve used will be listed below. If you’d like a tutorial let me know on here or on Twitter or Facebook!

phees makeup tips spring


3 Quick Tips for Perfect Winged Eyeliner

After brows, the second most requested tutorial is eyeliner. To keep my Quick Tip Tuesday video as short as possible, I decided to create this post to talk about types of eyeliner, brushes you can use and how important the shape of your eyeliner is too.


So, if you’d like to learn more about how to get perfect winged eyeliner, please keep on reading!


Purple Haze

To go with my purple halo eye look, I thought I’d put together some of my favourite products for creating a purple eye makeup. Some of these were used in the video and some weren’t, but I’m really feeling purple at the minute, so like a magpie that’s attracted to purple things I rounded up this bunch.


To keep this post short ‘n’ sweet, with mostly pictures, I’ll link to more in-depth product reviews.  (more…)

The Brow Edit

Brows made it big in 2014. Whether you were after brows Cara Delevingne would be jealous of or just wanted to add a bit of oomf to your natural shape, they were the prime focus for much of the year. And too right, brows really do finish off a look.

how to use illamasqua brow cake

Since the age of, 14? I’ve been drawing my brows on. I started with a trusty Rimmel brow pencil, and now I’ve got my routine down to a fine art. Luckily – or as some people my see it sadly - I’ve got a severe case of invisibrow. If you do too, fear not! Here are my favourite brow products for invisibrow sufferers that last despite not having much hair to cling on to, along with a tutorial of how I create my brow shape.


Top 14 of 2014

After some technical issues, my favourites of 2014 are finally here!

2014 was a very exciting year for me, in terms of the blog and other areas of my life too. I decided to leave university and pursue completely different career path to the one I was working towards and made some changes to my lifestyle that left me feeling way more confident in myself. But enough about me, this post is all about the top beauty products (what else?) of 2014.


It seemed like an impossible task, but I managed to narrow it down to my top 14. Some are old favourites, others are new releases, but all of them have gained a well earned place in my makeup bag, shower and bathroom cabinet.

For more in-depth reviews of each product mentioned, the original posts will be linked throughout. If I haven’t got a review, there’ll be a link to where you can buy the product.